Friday, December 10, 2010

sye bdk bru blajar...

hai...assalamualaikum korang2,,,i'm just being a akn try share facts yg sy dpt dr plbgai smber especially from the internet,,books and others...kalu ade ape2 slah..everybody are welcome to btolkan..
:)...okey,,sbgai prmulaan..i would like to tell about myself,,i'm just an ordinary fifteen years old school girl..duk kat muar,,ske kmpul tdung.,,and I LOVE CATS DAMN MUCH!!xkire laa kucing liar kerr,,idong penyek kerr...i love it no matter what...:p..and sy ade lbih dr 10 ekor kcing kat umah spesis bese2 jerr..mix persian..i've been waiting for a cat like mlang nyerr asyik dpt kaler itam putih jerr,,, da ngarut...huuuu...:)

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